Here you can see some of my recently made works.

If you wish to have a more comprehensive list of my works I did so far here you can download a list in pdf format.

WSW Begrenzer


Total refurbishment of two WSW Dynamikbegrenzer 601431A. Completely recapped, all resistors renewed because the original ones from the 60's tend to mechanically break. Reconstructed the mounting of the “Vorentzerrung” and “Rückstellzeit” switches to make it possible to mount knobs on the rotary switches instead of the original screwdriver served switches. The new knobs are original old WSW ones coming of my stock of original WSW spare parts. I mounted goldplated XLR connectors for Input and Output, goldplated Lemosa Triax connectors for stereo interconnetion and a standard format mains connector. One VU-Meter had a dead pre-coil so I rewound the pre-coil to repair the VU-Meter. Further a WSW Transformer was broken which I exchanged with an original WSW transformer from my stock.

A&H Sigma 24L

Complete service and repair of a Allen & Heath Sigma 24L, 44 Channel Inline Console: Repaired defect status led controller, repaired defect CRM pot, repaired not working Mono Sum, removed the noisy and since many years not used fader automation, cleaned and repaired many faders, changed some pan potentiometers, repaired many switches, added some new internal wiring for input extension, repaired some foults of the internal patchbay, fixed the not proper working mute automation and repaired the bus-system. Completely refurbished the problem maker No1: the PSU – all caps renewed, added a temperature controlled silent fan which is less noisy than the PSU mains transformer itself.

Siemens WSW C8

This is one of the greatest sounding consoles I have ever heard, developed and built at WSW (Wiener Schwachstrom Werke) in Vienna Austria sold as Siemens C8 branded because Siemens was the headquarter of WSW. Only a very small amount has been built because of the extreme high prize, the pictured console was about 150.000,-- Euro for a 23 channel mixer!!!
I repaired, overworked, updated and modify to the costumers wishes: +48V Phantom Power was installed, Aux Master 1/2 moved from left to right side to get enough space on the lift side to fit a 19” frame into the console, a surface mountable Aux Master 3/4 with LED-Metering was installed, DI-Outs were added to all channels, all channels were updated to perform less noisy,  all faders are cleaned, many input switches were renewed, renewed aux switches, some channels were modified to the input transformers the costumer wished, the pfl logic was changed, a XLR patchpanel was mounted in the foot of the mixer and many, many more…..

AMEK TAC Bullet B2

Some smaller foults were found on this little mixer. Not working mute led cause of the broken PCB, some scratchy faders, pots and switches with has to cleaned, a dead pot which was mechanical broken inside and one of the greatest foults I have ever seen: One LED-Meter had a loose connection and sometimes it worked and sometimes not. The loose connection comes because the factory forgot to solder one of the LED-Meters, they stick it through the PCB and only soldered 3 instead of all 4 meters!?!?!

Sony MPX-21

This small but quite good sounding broadcast mixer suffered from a weak signal on one Master Output and from terrible full scale noise on one Master Output and one Aux Output. The weak signal was found fast because it was only a bad connection inside the mixer, like many defects in old mixers have their origin in poor contacts. The terrible noise was caused by a bad soldering point occurred because the device has been dropped to the ground.

Racked C8 Channels

Mono and Stereo channels out of one of the greatest consoles ever made: a WSW C8. Because they much larger than 19” I built them with a solid oak stand upright standing. Inside the stand I fitted the PSU, the connectors, Phantompower and the ON/OFF switch, they circuit was also updated to deliver a higher output signal from the DI-Out to suit modern devices.

Racked WSW Preamp

Great sounding discrete WSW Pre Amp with added +48V Phantompower, Switchable Input Impedance and PSU in a nice standalone housing for recordings out of studio environment.

Racked WSW Modules

A Pre Amp, a Line Amp, a Stereo Isolation Amp and a PSU in a 19” solid oak frontplate with added +48V or +24V (for some rare vintage mics) Phantompower for Pre Amp and the Line amp. Switchable Input Impedance for the Pre Amp.

Racked NTP 179-160

Racked NTP compressor module in Danner format in a stand alone housing for recording out of studio environment with built in 24V PSU and Powerswitch.